Let's work together against bullying and help bring the teen suicide rate down to zero

What Would You Do?

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Last night, we had a crisis in my online community.  There were signs that a suicide attempt may be underway.  So, for the next several hours, several of us scrambled in an attempt to put something concrete together to present to the proper authorities.  After nearly three hours of intense information gathering and sharing, we were able to track down the at-risk person and get them to the hospital.  Safe and sound.


Once I was able to catch my breath, it made me sit and wonder what would you do?  How would you have handled a similar situation?  Would you believe that there was one young person who had the vital information we needed but wouldn’t (COULDN’T) give it to us because their parents said “don’t get involved with it, it isn’t your business.”  Saving a life, whether you know the person or not, should be EVERYBODY’S business.


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