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More on Colton Wilson

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Police are still investigating the death of Colton Wilson.  His family is saying “it was an accident”.  Bottom line here is that another young life has ended prematurely.

Rumors of bullycide started circulating almost immediately.  The truth is not every teen suicide is the result of bullying.  Take Jamie Hubley, for example.  Yes, he was bullied, and at least one time severely.  However, it wasn’t bullying that led Jamie to take his own life.  It was depression.  A very deep depression.

By all accounts, young Colton wasn’t the type who would “…allow himself to be bullied”, which I read as saying he had a little bit of spunk to him.  Actually, that was refreshing to read.  Colton was a baseball player, a wrestler, a NASCAR enthusiast.  I read that as him being a bit scrappy…hardly the type who would be bullied.  Yet, something terrible happened.  Now, he’s gone.  Now, with Christmas just 2 days away, Colton’s family, including his twin brother, and friends are left to sort through this and try to carry on without him.

One heartwarming story is emerging from Colton’s death.  His organs have been removed and are helping other young people to live.  When I suffered the loss of my dear friend so many years ago, we all were able to take solace in the fact that his death had helped others live.  Hopefully, the same will be true for Colton’s family and friends.

Colton Wilson’s family needs help with the funeral and burial costs.  At the bottom of the article, click the link, there’s information on how you can contribute.  Christmas is the time for giving.  I can’t think of a better gift to give at this moment.


Written by Ron Kemp

December 23, 2011 at 5:26 am

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