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Olivia Penpraze, 19: Bullying and Depression Leads to Death by Suicide

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On the Jamie Hubley page that serves as my homepage, one of the regulars posted this yesterday:

I was hoping that i would never have to do something like this but it seems that that time has come. as of 9:20pm 3rd of April 2012 (Melbourne Australia time) a girl by the name of Olivia Penpraze died as a result of a suicide attempt. she was on life support for a number of days and her parents had to make the traumatic decision to turn it off as she was brain-dead. like Jamie, she used tumblr as her escape to post all of her thoughts and messages. she suffered from extreme depression and it really upsets me that I didn’t do anything to help her, even though there probably was nothing I could do.  She will be one of the many teenagers each year that goes unnoticed, not documented, not in the media. but all i hope is that she is in a better place now. it’s your time to shine Olivia, we all love and miss you ♥

No, Andrew, she won’t go unnoticed.  Not if I have anything to do with it.  I watched the video that she had made, and it just ripped my heart from my chest.  No one, no one should have to live such a life of unchecked turmoil.  Olivia had been screaming for help for almost a decade.  Finally, the demons of mental illness and depression won.  Depression that was brought on by bullying.200160-olivia-penprazeBullying.  Again.  Will it ever end?  Not as long as people keep talking about it rather than doing something about it.  According to a post her father made on her tumblr page, a photo and thought-sharing website used by many teens, people there had been bullying her, as well.  How on Earth does a person sit behind a computer screen and urge a person who is already obviously in crisis to kill themselves?  How does one think that’s cool or funny?  Or, do they just truly not care?  Olivia’s dad’s letter said that this had gone on before she attempted suicide for the last time:

To all of my daughter’s followers, this is to let you all know that on Thursday, 29th March, Olivia attempted suicide, as a result she is on life support and this will be terminated shortly due to her being brain dead.  So, to all of the people who posted support of this outcome on this blog, you can be real proud of yourselves.  As a father who witnessed her first breath of life and now to witness her last, I thank you for your utmost disregard for life.  If this sort of activity gets you off, you are nothing.  To those of you who offered her support to refrain from killing herself, thanks.  You should all try to make contact with family even if it is against your wishes.  At least leave a contact somewhere on your blog in times of need.  I know that you all need somewhere you can vent your anger and feelings and that these blogs can help, but in reality family must always come first…Olivia Penpraze

I talked to someone else just tonight, as I was writing this actually, who had someone on that same page telling her that she, too, should kill herself.  Who is teaching these young people such a deep level of hatred?  Is it hatred?  Or, is it simply an ambivalence of human life?  Do today’s youth just not give a rat’s ass about the next human being?  Have they become desensitized to human life?  Look, it’s become painfully and frighteningly clear that the change in our culture has got to start with the adults since that’s where young people learn from.  No teen, anywhere, should ever feel so helpless and hopeless that they feel the only way out is to end their life.  At the same time, no teen, anywhere, at anytime!, should feel that it’s perfectly okay to bully another person for any reason.  Hatred and intolerance is taught.

When I asked Andrew, the young man who posted the original post about Olivia’s lost battle, if he had anything he wanted to say about her, he had this:

she loved her friends and always seemed happy. I remember once at choir she said she was changing schools. That may have been when she quit school like she said in her video. As i have said before, I wasn’t close with her.  But, on the outside, she was happy; on the inside, it seems she was screaming for help.  We all miss her, and I personally am going to do everything I can in my power now to put an end to bullying and teen suicide.

We need more Andrews.  Families and friends should now be forced to go through this kind of trauma…this level of pain.  May you rest in peace, Olivia.

Written by Ron Kemp

April 6, 2012 at 7:07 am

14 Responses

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  1. You are right about hatred being taught to teens by adults, especially since they are the ones who create youth’s culture. All these teen stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, they are just being used for money; most people don’t care about their well being. For those who become fans of their work, they are taught that good looks, money, and a squeaky clean image will bring you sucess in life. Once reality becomes harsh, they are knocked off their feet because they aren’t prepared for it. This post has saddened, disgusted, and inspired me all at once.


    April 6, 2012 at 2:57 pm

  2. i watched this video and i am in shock that something that obviously cut so deep to this poor girl..i cried..nobody picked up on it..this is the sort of thing that should be put onto tv to make others aware of just how fragile our young kids are when bullying isnt dealt with.
    even the hospitals should look at providing better care if they see that a child has tried to commit suicide so many times before.
    we as parents have a responsibility to our children to make sure they are not the bully and teach them that we should treat others the way we want to be treated.
    lastly to the people who thought this video was funny..i hope you never have to go through what this girl went through..every person has a right to be happy and you have NO right to take that away for your own happiness


    April 8, 2012 at 1:45 am

  3. This is very sad.. it wish it didnt happen.. Self Harm is hidden and does not get enough recognition from the government or the media..

    There is hope..
    is an event happening in Sydney to try and raise awareness. and give HOPE!

    From the TWLOHA site

    You were created to love and be loved. You were meant to live life in relationship with other people, to know and be known. You need to know that your story is important and that you’re part of a bigger story. You need to know that your life matters.

    If you or someone you know feels that their life is not worth anything please call lifeline in Australia on 13 11 14.

    or kids help line on 1800 55 1800

    these facebook pages are here to help also

    Please use these resources and help.



    April 8, 2012 at 10:34 am


    We are holding an event shortly raising awareness to parent’s and friends of those who are self harming or suicidal feel free to like/comment/share the page too.

    I am amazed at how people are these days. Trolls online and within our own communities feel the need to be cruel and nasty and it’s ridiculous that they get a thrill out of putting people down anonymously online! It’s dreadful to think these people are out there! Just organising this event has opened my eyes further than what I had already known and makes me worry for the future of my own daughter!

    RIP Olivia I hope you are in a better place and that more and more people are made aware of suicide, self harm and bullying as well as the anonymous trolls online!


    April 8, 2012 at 11:45 am

    • supporting your page on facebook.
      people need to live life with open arms, not fists.

      Ashton MX

      April 29, 2012 at 4:50 pm

  5. This is truely a sad situation that tugs at my heart! As a mum of 3 young children, I can’t imagine this ever happening to my own! My heart breaks for Olivia! What a beautiful, inspiring young lady and I wish she got help sooner! This has to stop. I can’t believe how much and how long Olivia suffered!
    To all the bullies out there, do us a favour and get help yourselves! You need more help then anyone if you think doing this to people is ok. To all parents out there, hug your kids everyday! And to all the beautiful young souls that are hurting inside, please tell someone cause there are people who care about you a lot!
    RIP Olivia. X


    April 9, 2012 at 9:41 am

  6. Olivias story has touched me deeply. I am
    23 years old and have suffered depression for the last 5 years. I understand what she went through because I suffered as she did. Luckily I was u successfully and my friend and family rallied around me. I still suffer every day

    Katrina Reynolds

    April 10, 2012 at 10:40 am

    • Proud of you Katrina, for being a fighter.
      Life will be better and more beautiful for you.

      Ashton MX

      April 29, 2012 at 4:46 pm

  7. I didnt know Olivia personally. But she you seem so happy in her videos hiding all her pain away. No one should have to do this.
    I hope everyone who bullied Olivia is hanging there head shame, she deserve to do. She still had all her life ahead of her. She was a lovely girl with a very kind personlity.
    Put a stop to bullying! If we dont, this will keep on happening.

    Olivia, you was a beautiful girl and didnt deserve to die. Your in a better place now where no one can hurt your feeling. May you rest in peace.

    Fern Walker

    May 17, 2012 at 3:37 pm

  8. This girl seemed so beautiful… I just wish someone had reached out and got her help… even if she isn’t want it! There are so many lives that have been saved because someone else has made the effort to get them help… Breaks my heart to hear of this :,(

    Samantha Woodford

    August 12, 2012 at 1:06 pm

  9. These bullies will be truly haunted in many ways for what they do to many people/person, young or old. They will be haunted by the images of those they attacked on any level both verbally or physically.
    Hope they are haunted for the rest of their lives, of their tormented. Karma will get them back!,
    They too will experience the pain and suffering, humiliation, degragation that they have done to others, and this will happen before their time is up!
    Bullies you WILL go to hell when their time comes and that may be ‘sooner than they think’!
    They are like every other person, NOT as untouchable as they may think….karma is waiting!…. 1 by 1, slowly BUT surely, your day will come!
    To those who bully in any form or way, just stop!….and stop others who bully too! before you regret your life and what you have said and done!

    WE all need to gang up AGAINST bullies!
    Be united with others and friends and all strongly and loudly speak out at them to STOP and report their gutless behaviour to any adults, especially authoritarian adults, that will listen and take action, and do also inform the innocent persons family so they can step in too! (Imagine if Olivia’s family was told, she may stll be here now enjoying lifes loves and pleasures that we all so take for granted!).

    Ask yourseIf….if you saw an adult bully a small child, you would call out to stop it or do something like report it, YES?….if you saw a teenager bulling an elderly person, you would report it or speak up, YES?
    well then DON’T allow any bullies to keep doing this! …. Band together in groups and verbally attack them back! (see how they like it when its coming at them from all directions, bet you they walk away like a dog with its tail between its legs!).
    You see, as a group of people, we all have the power to stop the bullies! and also at the same time you are assisting and empowering the persons who are being bullied, helping rise their self esteem, allowing them to feel the kindness of strangers/fellow students, allowing them to see that its NOT them who needs help but the bullies who think that they are untouchable …well they are not!

    Its up to all of us, you and me, to unite and stop them in their tracks NOW…..they will feel helpless and powerless when a group of people verbally attack them back, telling them to ‘rack off and leave well alone! … informing them that they are the looser for what they do!

    Let start now….so next time there is say a school yard attack or some sort, dont record it on your phone, dont be a bystander, be pro-active and get a group happening and surround that bully with all your protests against them and their ways….they will not be able to continue if we all take a united stand

    Spread the word, unite stop bullying NOW!.

    penny .... for your thoughts

    August 21, 2012 at 2:31 pm

  10. […] we bid farewell to yet another young soul.  This, however, is perhaps a bit more haunting.  Like Olivia Penpraze, referenced above, Dylan had his cards stacked heavily against him.  Dealing with severe mental […]

  11. I do feel like her right now. I just feel like i’ve lost contact with everything. I guess we’ll meet on the other side. I’m sorry..


    December 2, 2012 at 10:31 pm

  12. Rest in peace beautiful angel ❤ you are now set free xxx


    January 23, 2013 at 8:39 am

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