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Tallulah Wilson, 15, Yet Another Death by Suicide

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Why are there websites that encourage suicide and/or self-harm?  Freedom of speech is one thing.  As with everything else in life, that freedom comes with a responsibility.  In this case, that “responsibility” was thrown out the window.  In fact, if there’s any “responsibility” involved, someone should be responsible for encouraging 15-year-old Tallulah Wilson to commit suicide.Tallulah Wilson ended her young life, in the U.K., Sunday, October 14th.  She had dealt with anorexia.  Before her death, she had frequented websites that promoted anorexia and suicide.  It’s also apparent, from some of her online posts just three days before her death, that she was dealing with depression.

“My life is not worth living when we don’t talk. The temptation is unbearable. I just don’t want to wake up any more.”

There is also talk of Tallulah being bullied at her school.  That’s unconfirmed, at this point.  However, for someone already dealing with mental health issues – and, anorexia is a mental health issue – bullying would only exacerbate the problem.

“why the f*** should I stay if no one around me stay for me? It’s not f***ing fair. I’m done. I’m f***ing done”  It was followed by another harrowing message last week that read: ‘I don’t want to wake up anymore’.

There are so many things wrong, here.  First and foremost, once again, I’m left scratching my head, wondering how is it that these young people a crying out for help in a, world-wide public forum, yet no one is hearing them?  Every cry for help has to be taken seriously until the crisis is at least manageable.  Now, I do know that there are cases where the cries are heard and the loved ones do everything within their power to save the person in crisis, and their efforts just aren’t enough to overpower the deep depression the person is in.  That said, the question in my mind is “are those cases the exception or the rule?”  Obviously, I can’t answer that.

Tallulah’s devastated parents…said in a statement: “She was a clever, cheerful and creative girl with a talent for dance and huge potential. She will be sadly missed.”

The Head Master at Tallulah’s school said that there was “…no hint that she was unhappy”.  Yet, we now know that she had been dealing with suicidal thoughts at least as far back as July.  We’re missing crucial signs that could be saving lives.

What makes this even more troubling is the websites that Tallulah had been frequenting prior to her suicide.  How is it that there’s no accountability for having a website that promotes self-harm and suicide?  Doesn’t free speech come with responsibility?  Well, of course it does.  It’s very well-known that there are things that you can say right now that would have you immediately arrested or, at the very least, have a lot of questions to answer.  But, why?  Shouldn’t it be covered by free speech?  The answer is that with “free speech” comes responsibility.  As such, sites that promotes any type of violence, self-harm, or suicide needs to be heavily regulated.

Pro-anorexia sites can be particularly dangerous. They encourage people to believe that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice and not the serious mental illness they truly are.”

Or, perhaps we need to do a much, much better job of monitor what our young people are doing online.  Either way, this is a serious instance of the proverbial ball being dropped.  And, as a result, here we are, once again, saying goodbye to another person whose life hadn’t even begun.

So sorry no one could catch you in time, Tallulah.  You can rest, now, in peace.

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2 Responses

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  1. “perhaps we need to do a much, much better job of monitor what our young people are doing online.”
    if thats only just been realized, thats really sad. Countless people I’ve known have been cyberbullied, including myself. One girl who died recently was told ONLINE to kill herself and she tried by drinking bleach- it didn’t work so people posted pictures of bleach on her Facebook wall! And they STILL DO!
    Too many lives are taken a day because people of this world are so so awful and cruel and just evil.

    Rest in peace, Tallulah. I’m sorry you never had a decent person in your life to help you 😦


    October 31, 2012 at 7:57 am

    • She had decent people in her life it was the people in her life who weren’t decent that was the reason for this.


      September 4, 2013 at 1:14 pm

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