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“Bully” (UPDATED)

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There’s a powerful movie coming out in March called “Bully”.  Since this blog pertains to that subject, and its tragic results, I’m sure many people who read this blog are already aware of its impending release.  Judging by the trailer, alone, it’s a must-see movie.  What I’m not sure everyone is aware of is that the MPAA, that autonomous group of people who decides what is appropriate for us to watch, has deemed “Bully” inappropriate for teens to watch without parental supervision.

UPDATE:  Incredibly,  someone left a comment to this blog post chastising me for calling a film that I haven’t seen yet a “must-see” movie.  Well, let’s see:  of the five youngsters who were featured in the movie, two have already committed suicide.  That, to me, makes it a “must-see”.  This issue is real; the people in the movie aren’t actors.

On the surface, this isn’t a bad thing:  this is one of those movies that parents should watch with their kids so that they can have an open dialogue afterwards.  The problem with the rating is that it assures that the movie will not be screened where it needs to be seen the most:  in the classroom, where the worlds of the bullies and the bullied collide.  The precise audience that really needs to see this won’t be able to unless their mommy or daddy takes the to see it.  Why?  Because, according to MPAA, “Bully” contains strong language.  See, in their world, they still pretend that teens don’t hear, or USE, that kind of language.  I haven’t seen the movie, yet, so I don’t know just how strong the “strong language” is.  However, I would bet that it’s no stronger than anything they’re not already hearing in school.  Or, in some cases, even at home, for that matter.  Does that make it right?  No.  Does it make it reality?  Yes.

Here’s the issue, as I see it:  this is a movie that desperately needs to be viewed in every school across this country and around the world.  The classroom is the perfect “theatre” for this film, for reasons stated earlier.  That’s bringing both sides together on the battlefield in an effort to end the war.  That’s showing the aggressor, the bully, the consequences of his/her deeds.  The impact would be potentially enormous.  Forget the language!  Lives are being lost.

To be sure, two of the five teens featured in this movie have committed suicide already.  That, alone, speaks volumes to the need for this to be viewed, universally, in the classroom.  Perhaps the members of the MPAA aren’t attuned to the severity of the situation.   The Weinstein Group, producers of the movie, has already met with the MPAA in an effort to convince them to reverse their decision.  No dice.  What will it take?  More teen suicides?  The suicide of a teen close to them because of bullying?  I don’t know that answer.  What I do know is that this problem is real.  This is a problem that needs to be addressed.  And, make no mistake:  there are efforts worldwide to address it.  Now, we need people like MPAA to stop putting up roadblocks to slow down the movement.

UPDATE:  Since posting this article, there has been a petition set in motion to attempt to get the MPAA to reverse their rating.  This is, without a doubt, a movie that HAS to be shown in classrooms across the country and around the world.   With enough signatures, we can show the MPAA that a little “strong language” pales in comparison to having another family lose their child to bullying.  So, it is my hope that everyone who reads this will SIGN THE PETITION.

There are a lot of wonderful things going on across the country and around the world as people, young and old, are speaking out and making a strong effort to do what our leaders have so far failed to do:  rid this world of bullying once and for all.  “Kids will be kids”?  Save it.  Too many lives are being lost from “kids being kids”.  “Bullying will never end?”  I agree, as long as there are people willing to accept that backwards philosophy.  I’m a believer that anything is possible if your willing to work hard for it.

Bill Clinton Responsible for Oral Sex-Related Cancers!!!!

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Sigh.  There’s no real purpose for posting such an incredibly foolish story other than to allow every breathing human being with even a shred of intelligence the opportunity to see for themselves the kind of mindset we’re up against in our fight for equality.  It’s important for everyone to understand the shear insanity that being spewed from so-called leaders.  And, it’s being spewed with absolute conviction.  I don’t know what’s scarier:  the fact that there really are people out there who believe and, worse, promote the nonsense that comes from their mouths, or the fact that there are REAL PEOPLE who accept their misguided words as gospel.

I’m reminded that “anybody can say, or write, anything they want, and there’s always going to be someone who believes it.”

From the man who brought us the breaking news last week that AIDS was primarily a homosexual disease, caused by gay sex and poppers!, and that rarely if ever will you find a case of AIDS where people are having “normal” heterosexual sex now comes the revelation that Bill Clinton is to blame for the recent spike in the number of mouth cancers.

I can’t make this stuff up.

According to Bryan Fischer (remember him?), because of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky back in the 90’s, young people were influenced by his actions.  Using Bill’s now infamous (and, I’d bet, regrettable on his part) “it wasn’t sex” response, young people took his “advice”.  Oral sex increased, according to Mr. Fischer.  And, with it came an increase in the number of cases of mouth cancers.

So, what makes this important?  To my thinking, it’s important for all of us to know, and be constantly reminded of, exactly the type of insanity that we’re up against.  It’s equally important to understand that all of this opposition is coming from a very small faction in our country.  However, they’re in positions of power and persuasion.  And, they are quite boisterous in their fight against us.  Misguided, but boisterous.  However, for every person who follows them and their teachings of hatred, ignorance, and intolerance, there’s a hundred people who are against what they preach.

We need to continue to grow, daily, in numbers.  We need to continue to make our voices heard, very loudly and very clearly.  We need to be precise and concise with our message:  We will no longer accept intolerance against the LGBT community!  Lives are being lost daily because of it.  Zero tolerance means just that.  It’s time to stop saying it and start making sure it’s being carried out.

Nothing at All

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In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that there are still four states, incredibly, that has NO anti-bullying law on their books whatsoever!!  There’s nothing in place to protect the most vulnerable ones.  Those states would be Michigan (big surprise there), Montana, North, and South Dakota.

Michigan, you may recall, was the state that tried to pass an anti-bullying bill with a clause in it that would’ve given a free pass to those who bullied because of “sincere moral and/or religious beliefs”.  And, if that was your first time reading about that, fear not:  we banded together, got a petition signed by tens of thousands, and had THAT clause taken out of the bill. (They don’t get to legally bully in the name of God)  Michigan is also the state where the mayor of one of their cities, Troy to be exact, admitted to making gay slurs on her facebook page.  Apparently, the hearts of the legislators are as cold as Michigan’s weather.

And, as for the Dakotas and Montana, possibly the thinking is that there just isn’t a large enough population to warrant such measures. (the CITY of San Francisco has a larger population that the STATE of N. Dakota!)  Just thinking out loud.  Maybe that isn’t that at all.  Maybe they just don’t care.  I don’t know the answer.  What I do know is that if having anti-bullying laws in place will help even one person, there’s a need for them to be on the books.


Of the four states I just mentioned, only South Dakota remains as the only one with no laws in place whatsoever.  North Dakota has just passed their and requires their schools to have policies in place by June 2012.  Montana has a very vague “referral” program in place.  And, Michigan, ah yes Michigan.  If you are interested in the anti-bullying laws in your state, and I think everyone should be, here’s an interactive map with that information.