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I’d Be Ashamed

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If I were a regular, church-going Christian, I’d be ashamed.  Hell, I’m not a regular, church-going Christian, and I’m still ashamed.  I’m ashamed and appalled.  I’m ashamed that there are people like this Arizona “pastor”, Steven Anderson, representing himself as a religious leader while spewing pure, absolute hatred.  Bitter hatred.  Violence-laden hatred.
[for the record, let me say that whereas I’m not a “regular, church-going Christian”, I do strongly and fully believe in God.]

This video surfaced today on the facebook blog page and is a must-see.  It’s a must-see for anyone who wonders why so many of my recent posts have been about the far-right “religious” faction, in particular.  It’s important that I reiterate that nothing I say herein is meant as an attack on true Christians or on Republicans.  In fact, I had an opportunity to exchange thoughts with one who did take offense to what I was saying, and it turned out that his philosophy really isn’t that different than my own.  Let’s say we’re on opposite sides of the aisle, perhaps, but we’re both occupying close enough to the aisle that we can see and speak to each other.  What I am trying to get get across, however, and will continue to try to get across, is the amount of pure hatred, vile intolerance, and in some cases, suggestions of violence is coming from that far-right extremist faction who disguise themselves as Christians to mask their bitter hatred.  Watching the video will say more than I can ever say here.

This guy, Steven Anderson, is no stranger to the national spotlight.  As soon as I saw the name, I knew who he was.  As is evident in this video, I think it’s fair to say that Mr. Anderson spends more time “preaching” hate than he does spreading the word of God.  And, forget about him spreading love.  Thanks not on his agenda.  In 2009, he had this to say:

The same God who instituted the death penalty for murders is the same god who instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals, sodomites and queers!

That’s what it was instituted for, okay? That’s God, he hasn’t changed. Oh, God doesn’t feel that way in the New Testament … God never “felt” anything about it, he commanded it and said they should be taken out and killed.
You know why God wanted the sodomites in the Old Testament to be killed? You know why every good king of Israel, the Bible says they got rid of the sodomites in the land? You know, the good kings that came after the bad kings who had allowed the sodomites to infest their land, they had infiltrated … King Asa got the sodomites out of the land, Jehoshaphat exterminated the sodomites that were left from the days of his father, Asa. Why? Because the sodomites are infectious, that’s why. Because they’re not reproducers, that goes without saying, they’re recruiters.
How are they multiplying? Do you not see that they’re multiplying? Are you that blind? Have you noticed that there’s more than there were last year and the year before, and the year before that? How are they multiplying? They’re reproducing right? No, here’s a biology lesson: they’re not reproducers, they’re recruiters! And you know who they’re after? Your children. Remember you dropped off your kids last week? That’s who they’re after. You drop them off at some daycare, you drop them off at some school somewhere, you don’t know where they’re at. I’ll tell you where they’re at: they’re being recruited by the sodomites. They’re being molested by the sodomites. I can tell you so many stories about people that I know being molested and recruited by the sodomites.
They recruit through rape. They recruit through molestation. They recruit through violation. They are infecting our society. They are spreading their disease. It’s not a physical disease, it’s a sin disease, it’s a wicked, filthy sin disease and it’s spreading on a rampage. Can’t you see that it’s spreading on a rampage? I mean, can you not see that? Can you not see that it’s just exploding in growth? Why? Because each sodomite recruits far more than one other sodomite because his whole life is about recruiting other sodomites, his whole life is about violating and hurting people and molesting ’em.

You read that right:  this man, this “pastor” was advocating the murder of members of the LGBT community.  How is that even legal!?  Hate speech should never, ever be confused with free speech.  And, what comes through in the video, and in the malicious diatribe from 2009 is pure hate speech.

Bitter, violence-laden hate speak.  The kind that’s leading to many of the LGBT teen suicides.

Bitter, violence-laden hate speak.  The kind that leads the mindless to have ideations of shooting  the leader of our country.

The punchline: the guy who is advocating the wholesale slaughter of homosexuals also says Obama is just like Adolf Hitler. You can’t make this stuff up; no one would believe it. And by the way, the guy who showed up at an Obama rally with an assault rifle? This is his pastor.

Get the picture?  People of this mentality are dangerous.  Plain and simple.  And, understanding that “they” are the driving force behind the opposition of equal rights is a somber, sobering reality.  I mean, even good ol’ Fred isn’t this bad.  He’s just…simple.

Who IS NOM!!??

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It’s no coincidence that the nasty rhetoric and tactics are heating up as we get closer to Election Day in this country.  It’s by design.  “Divide and conquer” is a strategy that works.  It’s almost as effective as “Unite and Win”.  After all, it is proven time and again that the “Power in Numbers” theory is very powerful, indeed.

Back to this “Values Bus Tour”.  It’s very much worth noting that one of the driving forces behind this enlightening tour is NOM, National Organization for Marriage.  Weren’t they the driving force behind the attack on Ellen DeGeneres a little while back?  As with all of these far-right-wing extremist groups, they are very narrow-minded, un-Godly-like mean-spirited, and bulldog-stubborn in their determination to bully the rest of the country and, to be sure, world into adhering to their beliefs.  Or else!

To wit, this was brought to my attention today and, trust me on this, it’s a must-read for every single reader of this blog post.  These diabolical “Christians” have a road map already laid out as to how to achieve their goal of, basically, sweeping every LGBT person deep into the closet.  And, then, locking that closet door so that we never escape again.  It’s THAT serious.

Here’s one excerpt from their confidential manifesto:

“The strategic goal of this project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks—two key Democratic constituencies. Find, equip, energize and connect African American spokespeople for marriage, develop a media campaign around their objections to gay marriage as a civil right; provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women as bigots…”

Well, that’s happening now.  I’ve encountered, several times already, arguments from the Black community opposing my views that this is The New Civil Rights Movement, with them wanting to distance the black community from this fight.  However, as an older black man, myself, I assured them from my own personal experiences that this is, indeed, exactly the same battle that was fought back in the 60s and against the same establishment.  Their argument is moot.

Ever ask yourself why it’s so important to them that same-sex marriage doesn’t exist?  What exactly is the “sanctity of marriage”?  Is it the reality that heterosexual marriages have a divorce rate of over 50%?  Is that sanctimonious?  Is it one of our Republican presidential candidates openly admitting that he believes in “open” marriages and expecting his bedridden wife to be accepting of him going elsewhere for sex while she’s unable to provide it for him?  Is that sanctimonious?  Or, is it Kim Kardasian’s farce of a 72-hour “marriage”.  THAT’S sanctimonious, for sure!!  Why, exactly, is it so important for them that they’re willing to sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into a movement to eradicate same-sex marriages? More importantly, how is it that our political leaders are involved with such a movement!?  Whatever happened to “…with liberty and justice for ALL”?  I think that the comment posted to the facebook blog page yesterday was so on-point, it bears printing here again:

…look at your country’s history. “Enough of thinkin’ everything that you’ve done is good”, just saying (in Rufus Wainwright’s words). Here in Germany, a politician who makes homophobic remarks would have to step down the next day. We have a gay Foreign Minister and Berlin has a gay mayor. In the US, homophobes can become governors and run for president.

To understand the true impact of this level of hatred and intolerance, one only has to realize that these teens who do the bullying, especially against their LGBT peers, real or perceived, are learning from adults like these that it’s not only ok, it’s expected.  Then, when you look at the level of LGBT teen suicides that are caused from the bullying, it should be easy to understand that we have a very real, deadly serious problem on our hands.  The way to address it, the way to win this hard-fought battle, is to continue to increase our numbers of people who are ready and willing to stand up, make their voices heard, and make sure these evil-minded people understand that their hatred and intolerance is not acceptable.  Period.

A Mother Responds in Teacher Bias Case

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“I am the mother of the student in this situation. In speaking with the principal Monday, he did indeed state that he supported the teachers position simply because she stated that the topics were up to her discretion. I told him outright that I thought it was BS that she could give an assignment to choose a controversial issue and then refuse to grade it because she didn’t like the topic. She told me she was against gay marriage, told the principal she was for it and then told my daughter she was against it. She is a complete liar and should in no way be trusted with our young minds. Last night I left a message with Congressman Boren regarding this situation and told him an investigation into this was necessary. I (we) have plans to take this as far as we can to see that the right thing is done. We are considering moving so that we don’t have to continue living in such a bigoted community. All your support just reinforces her decision to take a failing grade not just on her report but for the quarter/semester. She would rather fail doing what she feels is right instead of bowing down to the system. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!”

That was left as a comment on the blog entry pertaining to the school’s decision to stand by Gale Applegate’s bias decision.  Khyrstal has decided to fight the system for what she believes in.  I, for one, applaud her.  She was very brave to choose the topic she chose to write about in the first place.  Now, in the face of adversity, she’s opted to stick to her guns and fight when it would’ve been so much easier for her to buckle under the pressure and write about something more…pedestrian.

In an unintended response to the mother’s question of how to proceed in this battle, it was suggested that they take this to the ACLU.  Marvelous idea.  And, she’s already contacted her Congressman.  Anyone who reads this and has legal knowledge and expertise in such matters, please feel free to advise her.

This is a case of blatant, in-your-face bigotry and intolerance no matter how they try to dress it up.  If a student is only allowed to expand their thoughts to the limits of the box in which the teacher resides, (s)he eventually attain the same myopic views of the teacher.  And, the cycle is perpetuated.

There is truly power in numbers!  Emboldened by our enormous response to Khyrstal’s plight, she and her family has chosen to fight for what’s right.  In response, we need to continue to show them our unfailing support.  Our message must be very loud and unmistakably clear:  Eufaura High School’s policy that allows for teacher, and apparently administrator bias and intolerance in fact will not be tolerated or accepted.  Zero tolerance means just that.

And, to the mother, as you read this, I strongly encourage you to click the comments link and read those, as well.  There will, quite possibly, be answers to your question there.  In addition to the comments left on this blog, you’ll want to check a few facebook pages’ comments to this story as well.  There has been many comments already posted.  Hopefully, in response to your plea for assistance, there will be many, many more.

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The Stacey Campfield Camp Responds!!!

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woke up this morning to the surprise of my journalistic life:  a direct response from the Stacey Campfield camp.  Actually, the unmoderated comment that was left is supposedly directly from Stacey, himself.  However, upon further inspection, and after checking the links provided, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he, himself, did NOT send me the response.  On the other hand, regardless as to who, in fact, sent it, it’s frightening to know that these are the “facts” these people espouse.  Worse, it’s detrimental that they seek to impose their terribly misguided “factual” beliefs on the public-at-large and, in particular, the LGBT community.  Allow me to dissect.

The responder started of for acknowledging my passion:  “While I apriciate (sic) your passion, here are some cold hard facts…”  Then, the fun begins.

On the issue of gay men having a decidedly shorter lifespan, this link was offered as their “proof”.  Their “documentation” turned out to be a far right-wing propaganda piece chock-full of the same old diatribe we’ve been hearing for decades.  In the first paragraph, it’s noted that “…evidence shows homosexuality to be a compulsion and lethal addiction, not ‘mainstream America'”.  It’s also noted that even without AIDS, “…homosexual persons will probably not live past their 40s…”  I can’t make this stuff up!  Read it for yourself.

As I suspected, and as I stated in the original article, At The Root of the Tennessee Madness, they are taking outdated information, in some cases from as far back as the late 70s!, and presenting it as today’s facts and reality.  How dangerous is that?  First of all, things that held true in 1978 obviously don’t hold the same validity in 2012.  But, more importantly, how dangerous is it to attempt to govern in today’s world using 1978 survey information?


Study after study reveals that homosexuality, whether male or female, can take anywhere from 10, 20 to 30 years off of someone’s lifespan. With all the attention on smoking, which the National Cancer Institute says takes from 7 to 10 years off someone’s life, why not the same human outcry on homosexuality? Here’s a behavior that’s killing people 2 to 3 times the rate of smoking, yet nobody seems to care. In fact, we are encouraging and affirming individuals into the “gay” lifestyle. If you truly love someone, you would steer them away from self-destructive behaviors, rather than towards them, shouldn’t you? Homosexuals need our tough love, not blind love, the kind of love that is going to love them no matter what they say and do. We must extend that helping hand and say ” I think your worth saving, let’s work on it together.”

All of that, and I’m still only on the first link “he” provided.

So, where does his information supporting getting AIDS through “normal” heterosexual vaginal sex come from?  What’s his “scientific” proof?  Cecil Adams, touted as the world’s smartest human.  The world’s genius was asked, in December 1988, his opinion of how risky heterosexual sex was.  In 1988, the whole world was still trying to get a grip on what was really going on with the virus.  I know.  I was there.  I was in San Francisco during those days, watching my own friends die on a daily basis from a disease that we still hadn’t fully come to understand.  But, again, that was 1988.

So, to make sure this is very clear:  A U.S. Senator is taking someone’s opinion and presenting it to his constituents as “scientific fact”.  Worse, he’s using someone else’s opinions, masked as knowledge, in order to propagate his own bigotry and hatred towards the LGBT community, young and old.  Can I say again:  this is an ELECTED official!  I’m convinced that today’s elected officials have completely lost sight of the fact that, by virtue of our votes, we hired them to work for us.  They’ve got it reversed.  And, that needs to be re-examined.

And, finally, an attempt was made to justify his bill “Don’t Say Gay”, which forbids school administrators to say the word “gay” or even acknowledge their LGBT students as such.  The bill that, if not already implemented, could’ve potentially saved Phillip Parker’s life.

As for the reason for the interview (My bill on parental responsibility of teaching sexuality to very young children) Here are some points of view for you to consider.


-It is a parents responsibility to decide when a child is ready to grasp such a complex issue as sexuality and what they want to tell the child about that complex subject. Not a teachers.


– All children develop mentally at different rates. I do not feel a teacher with an agenda (Be it pro or con) is the appropriate person to decide “Now is the time” for an entire class of children just because they may think one way or another on an issue and want to espouse it.


-A teacher is not a trained child psychologist or psychiatrist and could do as much harm as good to a sexually confused child.


-I doubt many on the other side would want a teacher who said “Homosexuality is evil, dirty and wrong” just because they felt that it was what is appropriate, that it is what they thought the children needed to and were ready to hear. This bill ensures neutrality from teachers.


Physically threatening behavior is what is and needs to remain covered for all groups. Not the sexuality of the victim. We already have anti bullying legislation passed in Tennessee (In fact I co sponsored it 2 or 3 years ago when it passed) so all children are protected from bullying in our schools. [this is in reference to the bill that would allow for bullying of LGBT students if done for “religious, political, or philosophical reasons”.  And, they still don’t get it!  No one is looking for SPECIAL protection.  And, we certainly don’t present ourselves as a “special class” of people.  Equality means we’re equal to every other person, not special.  In fact, THEY are making us that “special class” of people by singling us out to be victimized by discrimination in the job and housing markets and, frightfully, in the schools!]


We do not need an un equal justice system that creates special separate classes of protected people that gets special protection under the law.


Nor do we need to silence the first amendment rights of religious free speech of those in our schools whose family may hold different beliefs (as long as those beliefs are not physically threatening). [note to you, Rep. Campfield:  not only is it physically threatening to the LGBT students, it’s costing lives.]


-While there is a scientific and educational need to mention the basics of heterosexuality when teaching the basics of reproduction (XY chromosomes, etc.) there is no scientific need to mention homosexuality as homosexuals do not naturally reproduce.


-We are falling behind the rest of the world in math, science, and English amongst other things. Tennessee ranks about 46th in most areas. Social engineering is just one less issue teachers should have to worry about teaching as part of their curricula.

That someone from the Stacey Campfield camp thought enough of what I said to take time to respond is encouraging.  That they have this view of reality is mind-boggling.  That they are passing their myopic, unfounded, and outmoded views on the people of an entire state is very dangerous.  So, again, I strongly urge signing the petitions.  Too much is at stake to wait for “someone else” to do it.