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The Bad…

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The GOOD of this situation is that the young boy didn’t end his own life.  The BAD of it is that a 12-year-old has to endure such an incredible level of bullying, read the story, yourself!, to even make him have to THINK about committing suicide.  Not only had he thought about it, he’d actually planned it.

School districts around the country and in Canada are working hard to place new, (supposedly) stricter anti-discrimination, anti-bullying laws in place.  However, that is our society’s standard, knee-jerk reactionary response.  It’s business as usual.  No law, regardless how stringent, is going to reach far enough with this.  As we saw in Michigan, there are (and, presumably, always will be) deep pockets of hates all around us.  People who hide behind God and religion as they harm another fellow human being.  Teens who learn to hate and be intolerant from their parents and home life who, in turn, takes it out on another fellow human being which, as we’re seeing at an alarmingly high rate, is directly contributing to suicide.

No law is going to reach far enough until it encompasses the source of the hatred and intolerance:  the homes.

Rest In Peace Ben Lewis 11/19/2011 (15 year old victim of bullying)

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The prayer is that someday, SOMEDAY!!, these headlines will disappear.  Fifteen year old Ben Lewis, of Lincoln, Nebraska took as much bullying as he could handle.  On November 19th, the bullying claimed his young life.  Say a prayer for his devastated family.  Then, get involved.  In your own way, to whatever extent you can afford, get involved.  This HAS to end!!!  Every state in the Union needs to examine and re-examine their anti-bullying laws, make them strong and all-encompassing, then ENFORCE them!!!  That these young people to get away with pushing another human being to their death with impunity is absolutely an issue that needs to be re-examined.  Rest in Peace young Ben Lewis.

Taking Steps to Prevent Bullying

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Bullying has been identified as one of the major contributors to gay teen and teen (in general) suicide.  Certainly, the latest rash of teen and gay teen suicides have named bullying as such.  So, maybe the issue is to catch the situation before it becomes an irreversible issue.  Do YOU know what to look for?  Would you know how to identify if your son or daughter is being bullied?  My next several entries will be providing very valuable information on how to recognize the signs before it’s too late.The Bullying Report is a 44-page free downloadable book full of good information.  Get yours now!!

Ever Wonder What Makes Bullies Bully?

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We’ve reached the point, finally, where we all, for the most part, agree that there’s a serious problem in our society today with bullying, especially (though, not exclusively!) with our young people.  Great!  Now comes the real work.  How do you detect a bully when you see one?  How do you know if your own child is a bully?  You certainly can’t be with them 24/7 and almost certainly have no idea of every single thing they do at school or in public when you’re not around.  Well, good news!  There are characteristic that you can look for to help you detect and correct it.  Some of the incidences of bullying that we’re seeing today are nothing short of appalling.  Lives are being lost because of it.  Acknowledging, finally, that there is a serious problem is a great first step.  Now, let’s educate ourselves so we can start reversing the trend.