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Ever Wonder What Makes Bullies Bully?

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We’ve reached the point, finally, where we all, for the most part, agree that there’s a serious problem in our society today with bullying, especially (though, not exclusively!) with our young people.  Great!  Now comes the real work.  How do you detect a bully when you see one?  How do you know if your own child is a bully?  You certainly can’t be with them 24/7 and almost certainly have no idea of every single thing they do at school or in public when you’re not around.  Well, good news!  There are characteristic that you can look for to help you detect and correct it.  Some of the incidences of bullying that we’re seeing today are nothing short of appalling.  Lives are being lost because of it.  Acknowledging, finally, that there is a serious problem is a great first step.  Now, let’s educate ourselves so we can start reversing the trend.

Ray of Hope: Students Fight Back Bullying!!!

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THIS IS THE KIND OF RESPONSE WE NEED TO SEE MORE OF!!  Fifteen year old Cole Peterson, openly bisexual, was attacked by two of his classmates because of his sexuality.  Here’s the twist:  300 students from his high school staged a sit-in in protest of his attack, in specific, and against bullying in general.  That is exactly the kind of response we need to see every single day in every single incident of bullying!  Bravo to you, Cole, and definitely BRAVO to you, the students who supported him!!!

Know the Signs

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I awakened this morning to the following post on facebook:  “I want to die”.  Needless to say, every alarm in my head went off .  I checked my text messages, and the same person had texted me:  “Well, things are worst than ever.  suicide seems like the best way to go now”.   Let me first say that he’s alive and well.  Secondly, this is a young man I’ve known a few years.  And, it’s been a struggle for him the entire time I’ve known him.  He doesn’t want to die.  He wants the pain, suffering, and struggling to go away.  Sound familiar?  I do know that he suffers from depression, so I contacted him right away.  Depression, however, is just one of the warning signs to look for.  Can you name 4 more?  Most people can’t.  In order to bring this sad chapter in our history to an end, we need to educate and re-educate ourselves. LEARN THE WARNING SIGNS!!!! (lives depend on it)

Give Them Hope; Give Them Life

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Since getting involved in this mission to help save some young lives, I’ve come to recognize a very clear and discernible constant:  a pervasive sense of hopelessness.  And, in many-to-most cases, I could understand where their sense of hopelessness comes from.  In addition to the normal angst and anxiety that comes with being a teenager, and with the added weight of dealing with their sexuality internally and externally, they are bombarded with negativity as it pertains directly to them.  In many, but certainly not all, cases, they are made to feel less than whole, “defective”, unwanted, unloved, and add your own adjective.  There’s, unfortunately, too many to add them all here.  So, in my ongoing, and never ending, effort to help bring this culture of intolerance to an end, I want to pass along this information.  Someone’s life will be saved by your efforts.

Today is International Survivors of Suicide Day

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This is the 13th Annual International Survivors of Suicide Day. It’s a day of healing. From my experience, I will tell you that EVERYDAY, for the rest of your life!, will be a day of healing. I’m posting this early enough for any of you who wants or needs to can get involved, either in person or via Internet. And, it’s available is Spanish and French, as well.  For you who want to attend…

It Takes a Village (Update)

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The more I read, listen, and learn, the angrier I get.  Violence against the GLBT community is being sanctioned, and your loved ones are at risk!!  I told you in an earlier entry about the new law in Michigan that allows bullying of gays if it’s done for religious reasons.  Wait!  Did I miss something?  So, Billy the jock can go beat the snot out of Jimmy the homecoming queen and, as long as he says Jimmy’s being gay went against his religious beliefs, he’s excused?  Oh, HELL NO!  It truly does take a village, and I’m a staunch believer in the power of numbers.  For the sake of your own children, be they gay, straight, or Martian, let’s get this law reversed. Every voice counts!


11/17/2011:  Voices from around the world are being heard!!!  OVER 80,000 PEOPLE have signed this petition so far!!!  Let’s keep it going.  Add your name to the growing list so that we can get rid of this evil bill. If you haven’t signed yet, do it now. If you have, pass it along to someone who hasn’t.

Written by Ron Kemp

November 21, 2011 at 2:59 am

Make a Note; Have a Plan

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A couple things became obvious after last night’s ordeal(s) (yes, there was a second one later in the evening): 1.) this truly is an epidemic.  Last night, in a period of 5 hours, three young people THAT WE KNOW OF attempted to take their own lives; one succeeded.  So, I guess it’s safe to say that it served as a microcosm of society as a whole:  for all our efforts, we just couldn’t get to them all; and, 2.) there needs to be a concrete plan in place for when this crisis reaches you.  And, trust me, at the rate of 1 suicide EVERY 18 MINUTES!, it’s only a matter of time before it affects your life.  Map out your plan, now.  Make mental notes.  If it’s pre-crisis, meaning no attempt has been made but the at-risk person is in a very fragile state, get professional help immediately.  If it’s too late for that, if the attempt has already been made and every second counts, call the proper authorities immediately.  Every single second counts.  We’re going to win this battle and cut significantly into the current statistics.  We can make a difference!!!