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The Ugly…. R.I.P. Marjorie Raymond – Age 15

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And, sadly, once again, bullying was at the root of Marjorie committing suicide.  According to her suicide note, she couldn’t handle any more of the bullying, which she’d endured for over 3 years!  So, now, instead of her family planning Sweet 16 birthday celebration, instead of looking forward to all of the rites of passage that comes along with turning 16, her family now has to plan a funeral and say goodbye. THIS HAS TO CHANGE!!!  The change needs to be decisive.  And, the change needs to come NOW!  We need to work towards the day where there are no more headlines like this.

Written by Ron Kemp

December 2, 2011 at 5:20 pm

Prayers for Brittany and Roger

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I want to thank every one of you who rose to the occasion last night in attempt to save a young life.(blog entry “AN URGENT CALL TO ACTION”)  I don’t know where this young man lives other than in the US.  I’ve sent him links for help, my own contact information, and prayers.  Many of you did, too.  Let’s hope for the best.

And, as I’m sure you know, there’s always more to do.  Fourteen year old Brittany needs your prayers.  The facebook posting that I saw said that she’s in ICU after attempting suicide today.  We need to send lots of prayers her way.  And, yes, she was yet another victim of bullying, but we’ll get to that later.  For now, let’s send lots and lots of prayers and hope she pulls out of this first.

Lastly, and sadly, we lost a crusader in the war against bullying.  Roger Crouch, whose son, Dominic, committed suicide in May of 2010, passed away tonight.  In loving memory and honor of his son, Roger worked hard to bring about changes that would hopefully help prevent other teens from going through what Dom endured.  His efforts reached around the globe, and he will be missed.  I’m sure his family would love to hear your words of support.  R.I.P. Roger Crouch.

R.I.P. Jasmine McClain (ANOTHER 10 YEAR OLD!!!)

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Her name was Jasmine McClain.  She was just 10 years old.  She was being bullied.  And, now, she’s gone.  There’s a tribute page set up for her on facebook.  Go, leave your condolences for the family.  As you can imagine, their grief right now is overwhelming.  When I read this article last night, all I could do was sit in a stunned silence.  We need more and more people getting involved with this cause.  As you see, it’s reached epidemic proportions.  We need more people sharing this blog with their friends (or, any other similar information outlet!!  As long as the job gets done!!!!)  But, right now, we all need to pause and go to Samantha West’s aid.  Her beautiful 10 year old daughter isn’t coming home any more.  Rest in Peace, Jasmine McClain.

Written by Ron Kemp

November 21, 2011 at 3:21 am